Week of December 7, 2015

Can you believe the holidays are around the corner??

Well, it is! We have had a long, long fall, with some cold starts to the day, but over all, it has been extremely mild. Contrasted with last year, and, oh my. By now we had had several ice storms, with one in early November that left us looking as if a bomb had gone off. But, yesterday was so warm people were sitting outside in shirts! The grass is green, and it looks like April- without the spring bulbs, of course…

While this is sure to end, it is really a pleasant surprise, as the Almanac foretold a winter like last year.

I am allergic to Christmas trees and greens. And there is no room for a tree inside anyway, as I live in what is basically a fabric warehouse. Last year the long project of building a screened in porch was finally finished. It is perfect for the tree!

I don’t like the over-pinched trees one sees everywhere… it is impossible to hang anything on them. Give me a Charlie Brown tree, with widely spaced branches! Not having any on the property, I call Mark from Hands of Thyme, and ask for him to get me a Charlie Brown tree.

This year’s tree is scrawny,
with branches going in all directions.

It is perfect!

At night it is a lovely!

Last year we had so much snow that we could not get to the porch to take it down until Easter!!!

The past year has been extremely busy. We have all been working as hard as can be… I have been glued to the computer editing images while Taber has been working on the new website. And Debbie has barely put down the scissors!

One of the things we were working on was bringing in a new line of fabric from France. This has finally been realized! Last week our shipment arrived! Debbie and I got it unpacked!

Some of the new French fabrics!
There is a lot of eye candy here!

We ordered quite a few toile fabrics. There is a new shell fabric that we bought in all colors, a new Alice in Wonderland fabric, a polo equestrian fabric that is really nice, and at the moment I can not remember what else!


During the last six weeks we have been shooting pictures of plaid fabrics, houndstooth fabrics, stripe fabrics, and everything inbetween. We are talking several hundred patterns and many colors of them. And, we can’t list them. Until the new website is launched we can not add more fabrics. And that includes the new French fabrics.




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