Week of February 9, 2016

After a super mild December and January, we finally have a hint of regular weather!




Last Friday it started to snow, and Portland got about 12″; we got about 8. The yard finally had the appearance of a Maine winter! Saturday and Sunday warmed up, but last night more snow fell. It was still snowing a very fine snow early this morning.  The ground hog made it clear it was going to be an early spring, and March is only three weeks away, but, the forecast does have some below zero temperatures in the near future.


Last night we did not get much sleep. First, for some reason, at 9:30 there was a sudden loud noise. It really sounded as if someone had a shot gun going off. Spot was scared to death. These loud noises were at varying intervals. I finally realized it was fire works at the school up the hill. Why, I have no idea. It took Spot an hour to calm down.

Then the guy who plows did a sweep through at around 12:30. Spot barked and barked. He likes to show that he is a guard dog doing his duty. At about 2:30, there was another sweep through, and then at 5:00, they sanded…. Not only should Spot be tired, he should be hoarse!

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