Week of January 5, 2015

Well, it is cold- -3 degrees F. yesterday morning, and 0 this morning!
Winter is here!




A week ago there wasn’t any snow. But, it was cold. On the evening walks in the meadow we had amazing sunsets, with gloriously color washed clouds. And, an added bonus was a huge round moon!



WEDNESDAY January 7, 2015

This week the temperatures plummeted, and we have had snow, sleet, and wind. Yesterday it was -3 F. here in the morning, this morning it was zero. The wind is supposed to really pick up this afternoon, driving the wind chill to -35 F. With a chill factor of -35 F. you really have to love winter to live in Maine!

While I don’t mind cold, I really don’t like ice! Taber did a doughnut coming up the driveway on Monday, and yesterday a truck could not make it up the hill. We decided to stay closed yesterday for safety’s sake!

Our walks on the meadow have been short, not because of the temperatures, but because of the ice crust. It is just not fun to walk on, and Spots feet get sore. He loves to go, waits all day for the walk, but they are not as long as normal, by any means.


One thing that is really great about the winter for us, is the light. With no leaves on the trees, with the sun out, or a slight cloud cover, we can do a lot of pictures of fabrics. To that end I took pictures of nine fabrics on Saturday, and nine more on Monday. I thought I had gotten the area of the kitchen counter to my right fairly cleaned off, but no, there are now a LOT of bolts lined up, waiting to be listed!

But, not to worry! I have been listing away! There is pretty much something for everyone- Indiennes, toiles, bird fabric, new shell patterns, and even a fishing toile!


So, watch the fabric blog!

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