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Retro style, modern style. While not the same at all, they do have some things in common- a slightly edgy something that makes people sit up.

Retro has a bold look and flair. While one thinks of lively colors: orange, avocado, and strong pinks, many of the retro fabrics used dark brown as well. It comes down to the look you are trying to get!

Modern decor is just that- slightly edgy, usually with clean lines.

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Horse hunt fabric grey equestrian toile

A horse hunt fabric. An equestrian fabric done as a reverse toile on grey. A grey toile horse fabric that is unique, with a retro feel.

A hunt rides out! Horses and hounds start out from co ...
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Price: $30.00
53 available for immediate delivery

Horse hunt fabric green equestrian toile

A horse hunt fabric. An equestrian fabric done as a reverse toile on green. A green toile horse fabric that is unique.

A hunt rides out! Horses and hounds start out from country houses for ...
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Price: $30.00
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Horse hunt fabric green equestrian toile'. Please check back later.

Parrot fabric retro funky pink tropical

A parrot fabric. A bright and busy retro fabric with funky parrots!

A bold tropical forest is the home for a flock of large colorful parrots!

Colors are light and dark tones of oli ...
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Price: $25.00
35 available for immediate delivery

Retro Italian poster fabric Venice Italy Milan Capri

A retro Italian poster fabric! A Venice Italy, Milan, Rome Capri poster fabric. This is for those that like bold!

A variety of Italian posters are shown on this fabric. There are two with s ...
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Price: $22.00
38 available for immediate delivery

Modern retro fabric optic op opt art psychadelic

A modern retro op art fabric. This retro modern opt art fabric is really amazing!

Squares, parallelograms, and hexagons form a psychedelic pattern. Formed of colored lines that alternate wi ...
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Price: $25.00
15 available for immediate delivery

French fashion magazine fabric

A French fashion magazine fabric. This women's fashion magazine fabric has to be one of the most unique fabrics ever! Perfect for a bold statement!

PLEASE NOTE: The lightest colors o ...
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Price: $38.00
27 available for immediate delivery

Scandinavian fabric retro modern graphic bird leaves

Birds, flowers, leaves, come together on this retro modern graphic Scandinavian pattern. And it has a few surprises!

A nuthatch creeps down a branch surrounded by a swirl of leaves and styl ...
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Price: $22.00
41 available for immediate delivery

French fashion magazine fabric modern retro Double Wide

A modern French fashion magazine fabric with retro colors! This modern French fashion fabric has a slightly pouty, slight ohh la la feel. It is definitely unique, and it POPS!

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Price: $38.00
12 available for immediate delivery

Fish fabric blue ocean retro modern funky

A fish fabric. A retro modern fish fabric. This blue ocean fabric is reminiscent of a Picasso.

Fish swim past each other in the depths of a deep blue sea. Some have brightly colored marking ...
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Price: $22.00
9 available for immediate delivery

Provence Fabric olive oil blue document script

A Provence, France olive oil fabric with document script!

PLEASE NOTE: this is a non-directional print- all pattern parts are shown in all directions.

French script, names of d ...
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Price: $23.00
4 available for immediate delivery



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