Blue fabric, Novelty Fabric

Blue fabric. These novelty fabrics are perfect for: drapery fabric, curtain fabric, cushions, pillows, home decorating, and home decor.

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Blue curtain fabric swagged tassels

A blue curtain fabric with faux tassels. This trompe l'oei curtain fabric has panels of faux draped blue fabric alternating with stripes of faux ribbons and tassels.

The ribbon is deep cranbe ...
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Price: $18.00
47 available for immediate delivery

Horse jockey fabric paisley blue toile

A horse jockey toile fabric. A horse riding toile paisley fabric.

An elaborate paisley pattern, predominately done in deep blue, lighter dusty blue, gold, browns ,and grey, w ...
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Price: $23.00
42 available for immediate delivery

Clarence House fabric retro plaid moire- destash- 4 yards

Clarence House fabric that is a retro chintz with blue moire stripes.

This Clarence House chintz fabric has three different patterns. One would not think they would work together, but sur ...
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Price: $200.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Bunny rabbit fabric vintage blue chintz

A vintage chintz bunny rabbit fabric. This is perfect for a little boy as the pictures all have men and boy bunnies!

Six different framed vignettes hang on a background of periwinkle blu ...
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Price: $18.00
10 available for immediate delivery

Dog toile fabric retriever pheasant blue

A retriever fabric. A bird dog pheasant fall blue toile fabric. If you need a lodge fabric or cabin fabric this is perfect!

Dogs are out and about sniffing the fall air and scaring up bir ...
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Price: $24.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Stripe fabric Waverly ombred- destash

A Waverly fabric. A woven ombred floral ribbon stripe fabric done in a classic manner. While this is a woven pattern, it is not at all heavy.

Two different ribbon stripes are separated b ...
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Price: $9.99
2 available for immediate delivery

Greeff Fabric chintz blue tulip floral

A Greeff fabric. A Greef blue chintz tulip fabric.

This chintz fabric is blooming with spring flowers of all kinds. Bunches of anemones, poppies, and tulips are surrounded by other spring ...
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Price: $75.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Blue bird fabric heron crane

A bird fabric with cranes, herons, and other wading birds from the marshes of North Africa and the Mediterranean. Think Audubon! This is stunning, it is one of those patterns with true POW!

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Price: $34.00
9 available for immediate delivery

Seashell fabric nautilus sea glass green blue aqua

A seashell fabric done in sea glass tones of blue and aqua with a very large scale indeed! There are scallops, nautilus, conchs, and many others. The background fabric is listed in the solid fabric ...
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Price: $22.00
80 available for immediate delivery

Seashell coral fabric antique documentary toile blue

A seashell coral fabric with antique urns and coins from a shipwreck or Atlantis. This has to be one of the most unique ocean fabrics there is!

Two different urns from the bottom of the o ...
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Price: $22.00
46 available for immediate delivery



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