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Colonial style has different meanings for every country. The Dutch colonies, the British colonies, and colonies of every country, including the American colonies, each has a different style, a different flavor. Add to this that one might have a colonial home of someone like Benjamin Franklin or someone who was just a farmer and one can see how complex decorating might be!

For our purpose the Colonial Style fabric category has fabrics that be in any home of the American colonial period, with emphasis on the patterns that are the simpler prints, rather than elaborate woven silks.

Toiles play a part in this look as well. It was during colonial times that Benjamin Franklin while in France, visited Jouy to see the printing process; and even bought toile back to his wife in the colonies!

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Total products in Colonial Times: 42

Pieced patchwork quilt fabric

This is a pieced fabric with added applique pieces for added texture and interest. This is one of the most unique fabrics going! The fabric is actually pieced together, and the pieces are serged ...
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Price: $22.00
7 available for immediate delivery

Bunny rabbit lace curtain fabric ecru

A bunny rabbit toile fabric. A lace curtain fabric.

This Nottingham net is lace woven on 100 year old looms. It has an extremely high cotton content of 95% cotton with 5% polyester for st ...
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Price: $50.00
7 available for immediate delivery

Clarence House Fabric pink toile coxcomb B destash

A Clarence House fabric with coxcomb flowers.

A twisting ribbon borders a large floral pattern of celosia. The ribbon is patterned with irregular stippled dots on one side; the other side h ...
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Price: $100.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Clarence House fabric pink toile coxcomb

A Clarence House fabric. A pink toile with coxcomb flowers, reminiscent of a colonial pattern.

A twisting ribbon borders a large floral pattern of celosia. The ribbon is patterned with ir ...
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Price: $700.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Rose fabric blue toile floral destash

A rose fabric. A blue toile floral fabric. This is understated, elegant.

Rose leaves form a trellis which frames full blown rose flowers. The roses are in shades of white, buttercream yell ...
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Price: $10.00
8 available for immediate delivery

French farm toile fabric tan black toile dog fiddle Vervain

A French farm toile fabric with a dog and fiddler! This Vervain fabric is not marked on the side.

A woman stands in front of some farm buildings. She is stirring something in a wooden barr ...
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Price: $20.00
11 available for immediate delivery

Black Spode Fabric vintage china

A vintage black Spode china fabric. This is perfect for a Spode collector!

Vintage Spode china pieces are shown with a variety of different patterns. There are vases, pitchers, tea cups, e ...
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Price: $22.00
79 available for immediate delivery

Vintage china cupboard fabric rabbit Spode

A trompe l'oeil fabric. A faux vintage china cupboard fabric with vintage cups, plates, and a rabbit tureen!

This fabric has a vintage, gently faded look to it. This pattern is of china in a ...
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Price: $22.00
17 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric peacock colonial B- destash 60"

A Schumacher Greeff fabric. A bird peacock fabric with the look of a vintage colonial crewel pattern.

PLEASE NOTE: This came in flat folded and has fold lines and rumple ...
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Price: $30.00
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Schumacher fabric peacock colonial B- destash 60"'. Please check back later.

Stripe fabric Waverly ombred- destash

A Waverly fabric. A woven ombred floral ribbon stripe fabric done in a classic manner. While this is a woven pattern, it is not at all heavy.

Two different ribbon stripes are separated b ...
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Price: $9.99
5 available for immediate delivery



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